Internet & Technology Law: A wide array of businesses from sales / service to entertainment companies are increasingly using the Internet in more refined ways to reach their intended audience. As the Internet and technology evolves so to does the federal and state regulations concerning domain names, privacy, unfair business practices, and licensing matters. We assist our clients comply with the state and federal statutes. 

Internet law services include:

  • Preparation of privacy policies

  • Preparation of terms of use for users

  • Click through agreements

  • License agreements

  • E-mail marketing campaigns

  • Domain disputes, copyrights, and trademarks 

Social Media Law: Social media has grown at an astonishing rate over the last decade, with companies creating uncontested market space in the online and digital industries. Social Media has become a necessary tool for many businesses in the customer acquisition process and marketing process. Without viral capabilities and digital readiness, companies are unable to harness quick user engagement with their platforms and services. Today many employees within a company serve as brand ambassadors through social media, often listing where they work on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Companies often overlook the legal issues inherent in social media that serve as a foundation of protection.  While staying ahead of the competition is paramount, creating and maintaining well-drafted legal content will reduce the chances of getting mired in disputes that deviate attention from the core focus of growth. 

Entertainment Law: The entertainment industry requires a full range of legal services relating to contract negotiation, licensing, copyright and trademark registration and protection. We have represented book publishers, authors, musicians, artists, production companies, managers and agents. 

Editing Agreements: Editing Agreements serve to prevent misunderstandings or unfairness by ensuring that an editor and his or her client clarify assumptions and acknowledge all fees/expenses, deadlines and conditions before work begins. When an author hires an editor to undertake an editing project, both parties enter a legal relationship, and it is in both parties' interest to specify the terms of that relationship in writing. The Agreement is customized to suit the specific job. 

Author / Book Deals: An industry-standard publishing agreement typically gives the publisher the right to accept, reject, or ask for revisions in your manuscript.  But keep in mind that the editor who acquired your book may not be the same editor who sees it through to publication; editors change publishing houses frequently.  If a new editor comes in before your manuscript has been accepted, he or she might just sit on your book while pet projects take priority. 

Why contact an attorney? You need some assurance that the publisher:

  • won't unreasonably delay production of the manuscript or payment of your remaining advance by never getting back to you about what changes the editor wants;

  • can't reject the manuscript outright without giving you a chance to revise the manuscript.

Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law

Whether you are an author that is about to sign that first big book deal or an established company that wants to ensure your rights are protected, our firm has the skills to make sure your goals are realized efficiently and effectively. Our firm has represented artists, actors, athletes, singers, songwriters, performers, managers, producers, promoters, venues, licensors, labels, and other individuals and corporations in all areas within the entertainment field.

Our services include the following:

  • Trademark      

  • Copyright

  • Licensing

  • Business Formation, Contracts and Agreements

  • Distribution Agreements

  • Royalty Agreements

  • Management Agreements

  • Performer Agreements

  • Sponsorship Agreements

  • Venue Agreements

  • Merchandising Agreements

  • Litigation, Arbitration, or Mediation

Producer Agreements: A producer agreement involves an individual utilizing their contacts and relationships for the benefit of another individual or company. The Agreement may include a pay schedule, which can include a commission percentage or a standard fee. It is recommended that individuals utilize an attorney to insure their interests / relationships / contacts are protected.